Hefe-Weizen, Wheat Ale

  • Type: Ale
  • Average alcohol by volume: 5.3-5.5%
  • O.G. 12.6 ° P
  • Unfiltered
  • Unpasteurized

SAVIS Trigo is German Hefe-Weizen style, yellow-oranged colour. With abundant foam and aromas of fresh bread and yeast, sweet notes of banana and fruity finish with bitter touches.. 

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5.5% alc



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Style history:

A south German style of wheat beer (weissbier) made with a typical ratio of 50:50, or even higher, wheat. A yeast that produces a unique phenolic flavors of banana and cloves with an often dry and tart edge, some spiciness, bubblegum or notes of apples. Little hop bitterness, and a moderate level of alcohol. The "Hefe" prefix means "with yeast", hence the beers unfiltered and cloudy appearance. Poured into a traditional Weizen glass, the Hefeweizen can be one sexy looking beer.

Often served with a lemon wedge (popularized by Americans), to either cut the wheat or yeast edge, which many either find to be a flavorful snap ... or an insult and something that damages the beer's taste and head retention.