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Limited Edition

Limited craft beer

Brewed in very small quantities. We love to try new things and will gladly share with you what kind of beer we got! The number of bottles is limited! Each batch is 90-110 bottles of 0.33l only! Book online few bottles for you in our store.

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  • Russian Imperial Stout
    • -20%
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    Russian Imperial...

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    Imperial craft beer

    This is a recipe from an old English brewery, dated 1976. We found it accidentally on the Internet and decided to brew it.

    For aging in oak barrels, we chose barrels after one famous brand of American whiskey. This beer was brewed in early December 2018.

    • Type: Dark Ale
    • Barrel aging time- 12 months
    • Average alcohol by volume: 10-11%
    • IBUs 85
    • O.G. 22 ° P
    • Unfiltered
    • Unpasteurized
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    Strong, Sweet, Coffee, Caramel and Chocolate!

    Great combination for this beer!

    8.2% alcohol! Be careful :)

    Only 48 bottles!