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Hard Seltzer - La bebida del verano

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What is Hard Seltzer?

The summer drink is here, refreshing, full of flavor, gluten-free, sugar-free and with fewer calories than wine or beer.

Hard Seltzer is basically bubble water and alcohol.

The public is increasingly interested in different drinks, with a multitude of combinations of flavors and ready to drink. Hard Seltzer provides a solution to part of these requests, a fermented drink based on water and natural fruit, without any artificial flavorings, which results in this bubbly and refreshing drink with 5% alcohol, with a dry flavor and that offers a multitude of possibilities.

It is not a cocktail.

Hard Seltzer has nothing to do with cocktails that are sold already bottled and ready to drink, for example, based on vodka. No, in Hard Seltzer there is no type of added liquor, the alcohol comes from the fermented sugars, in a process similar to that of beer, in which the yeasts feed on the sugar and transform it into alcohol and CO2.

Variety of flavors

Hard Seltzer allows a multitude of combinations, to start, we will launch four different flavors to the market:

Nº1: Lemon, peppermint and lime. Our most citrus Hard Seltzer, ideal for lovers of mojito.

Nº2: Strawberry, peppermint, lime and lemon. Hard Seltzer softer and with the fruity touch of the best strawberries.

Nº3: Grapefruit, lime, anise, hibiscus and cardamom. Our most special Hard Seltzer, intense red and unique flavor.

Nº4: Kiwi and green apple. A Hard Seltzer inspired by a green juice, with an acid touch.

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