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Gypsy or Contract Brewing

gypsy brewing

What is Gypsy Brewing?

Gypsy or contract brewing is a business model for moving from home brewing to large-scale craft brewing... It works like this: you brew your beer at another brewery using their equipment, licenses, permits and pay a fixed fee for brewed beer.

Everything Else: sales, advertising, distribution depends on the client.

SAVIS Brewery offers its factory equipment, its team for the production of your craft beer in Spain. Thanks to the capacities of our new brewery in Malaga, we can easily brew 3000hl of beer per month. We have an automatic isobaric filling line for a bottle of 0.33, as well as a filling line for disposable plastic KeyKegs. 

Our team will help you process your recipe, adapt it to our equipment, as well as develop a design and print labels for your beer. And most importantly, you can take part at the birth of your beer, and also control the quality and process!

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