Full production cycle for brewing your Craft Beer, Cider, Hard Seltzer, Sparkling cocktails and other non alcoholic refreshing beverages. 

Brevery for sale

This offer may be interesting for those who want to try to promote their Beer brand in Spain or throughout Europe. The flow of tourists in Costa del Sol during the year 2019 was more than 9 million people. A craft beer consumption market in this region is still in its initial stages.

What does brewery in Spain gives? Local production location, absence of customs barriers, saving on procurement costs of raw materials, huge savings on transportation, lower initial costs and the ability to brew a small quantity of beer in order to test consumers taste.

This factory is practically the largest craft beer factory on the south coast.  The production capacity of the brewery currently has an additional manufacturing limit of 30 tons of craft beer  monthly. You can create not only beer, but also other alcoholic drinks (cocktails, Hard Seltzer), not above 12 percentage of alcohol. 

The brewery has got: alcohol tax registration number for brewing and selling beer, VAT number for export and Import: product, raw materials, All type of approvals, licenses, contracts with the suppliers of raw materials, containers, labels and more.

We are always ready for cooperation and dialogue.

Information about EQUIPMENT

  • The factory is equipped according to all standards for production of craft beer up to 30 tons per month.
  • The Lab - Our facilities include a product quality control.
  • Bottling line 400-600 bottles / hour. (Disinfection, flushing, filling, sealing the lid and labeling)
  • Brew house 100HL/batch. 1 Boil/Mash tank, 1 Filter tank. Steam heating.
  • Hot water tank 150HL. Steam heating. 
  • Steam Generator. Capacity 150kg/hour Gas-Propane/Butane
  • Fermenters. 4 units x 200HL. Isobaric, temperature control, insulated. 
  • Brite beer tanks. 6 units x 200HL. Isobaric, temperature control, insulated.
  • Extra tank. 1 unit x 100HL. Isobaric, Insulated.
  • Kegs washer, filler. 20, 30, 50 Liters Kegs.
  • Semi automatic Bottling line 400-600 bottles / hour. (Disinfection, flushing, filling, capping)
  • Automatic labeling machine 400-1500 bottles, cans/hour
  • CIP Cleaning station.
  • Beer filter.
  • Malts storage room.
  • Stock of Stainless steel kegs 20-30 Liters
  • Stock of glass bottles 0,33L
  • Stock of KeyKegs 30L
  • Party and events equipment. Inflatable tent, bar, taps, coolers.
  • Extra taps, coolers etc.

For more information, business plan, price please contact us by

email: cerveza@savis.es

Phone +34 602 67 00 58


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